What types of programs does WGEF support?

  • Funding innovative teaching programs for students in the West Geauga Local School District that are not funded as part of the district’s core curriculum
  • WGEF sponsors PSAT, SAT, ACT Practice Test Series at West Geauga High School
  • Founders & sponsors of the Kickstart College Fair & App Day at West Geauga High School
  • $500 Annual Person in Innovation Award (formerly known as the WEDGE Award)

More about WGEF support of Teaching Programs

Why fund innovative approaches to teaching and learning?

Teaching and learning, like other areas, evolve. But it isn’t always clear which new approaches might work. “Seed” funding from the West Geauga Educational Foundation allows teachers and students to try new programs, materials and technologies.

What kind of programs?

More effective and efficient approaches to teaching. Equipment that enables students to be more creative. Student-initiated programs. We try to select programs and technologies that could have significant long-term benefits if successful.

How much money has the West Geauga Educational Foundation awarded?

For other thirty years, WGEF trustees and supporting members have awarded over $500,000 in program grants.

Where does the money come from?

Fundraising events, memberships, college– prep programs and generous donations from the community.