The world doesn’t stand still. Neither should education.

The West Geauga Educational Foundation (WGEF) is a nonprofit and volunteer-run organization. We award money for innovative and creative programs in the West Geauga School System. Our grants allow teachers, administrators, parents and volunteers try new approaches to education.

WGEF has awarded nearly $500,000 in grants to teachers, students, parents, administrators and other volunteers. Technology, techniques, tools and more have been approved.

2022-2023 GRANT REQUEST Program

The primary qualifications to apply is a willingness to try new ideas, experiences, technology and programs with West Geauga students in and outside the classroom.

Not every application is funded. Not every funded program succeeds or becomes part of day-to-day learning.  Visit the Program page to read about a sampling of what has been funded.

The West Geauga Educational Foundation was created in 1985 by a group of creative, engaged parents and is maintained as an endowment with a percentage of the previous year’s income used to support educational opportunities.  In addition, we hold fundraisers each year to grow the endowment amount and thereby, distribute more grants the following year.

Visit the Donate/Join page or contact us at

We are grateful for the generous community support. If you’ve attended events like the annual Thanksgiving breakfast at the Chesterland McDonalds, or have donated money to WGEF, we thank you. For upcoming events, please new the News page.

Deadlines for 2022-2023 are:

November 11th (for consideration on November 16th)
February 10th (for consideration on February 15th) 

Link to Grant Application:

2022 Grant Application 


Contact Caise McHale   

Phone: 216-789-4842 or Email: