West Geauga high school teacher Mike Sustin has been named the 2019 winner of the West Geauga Educational Foundation Person of Innovation Award for his work in implementing innovative projects with West Geauga students including a Hydroponic Garden and StarLab, an inflatable planetarium. Mr. Sustin received a $500 award for personal or classroom use.

The Person of Innovation Award is presented each school year by the West Geauga Educational Foundation. It recognizes those within the school community who make outstanding efforts to introduce new ideas and methods to learning.

The West Geauga Educational Foundation also awards money for innovative and creative programs in the West Geauga School System. Teaching and learning, like other areas, evolve. But it isn’t always clear which new approaches might work. “Seed” funding from the West Geauga Educational Foundation allows teachers and students to try new programs, materials and technologies.

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