WGTV, West Geauga High School’s Television Production Club produces and airs the morning announcements every morning for high school students – sharing various sorts of information from upcoming events and meetings to congratulatory messages. WGTV members work as on-air talent, technology troubleshooters, as well as audio and video editors and mixers.

With funds received from a West Geauga Educational Foundation grant, the club was able to purchase new equipment enabling WGTV to be streamed to the Westg Tv YouTube channel. WGHS students can now access the announcements at any time which is especially helpful for those students that are in other buildings or campuses during the announcements. Kelly Klampe, WGTV Advisor, states that the grant also made it possible for the club to purchase a more professional virtual set, and with that, the ability to experiment with different graphics and video packages.

The West Geauga Educational Foundation (WGEF) is a non-profit organization that provides funds to enable new ways of teaching and learning in the West Geauga School System. Each year the foundation trustees review applications from teachers, administrators, students and parents before deciding which programs to fund.

WGEF President Caise Rode McHale said, “Funding programs like this one through private donations allows our schools to gain first-hand experience with new ways to improve learning, enhance teaching efficiency and provides students with access to various types of educational experiences.” None of these grants would be possible without financial support from the community. We thank those who attend our Thanksgiving Day Pancake Breakfast at the Chesterland McDonalds and our Spring fundraiser as well as those who contribute directly. If you would like to help, attend one of our events or make a donation, please visit the foundation website at wgef.org.